Alex Hanazaki

Alex Hanazaki é considerado um dos grandes nomes do paisagismo contemporâneo brasileiro. Seu escritório é o único do país a vencer o prêmio Professional Awards da ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) por 2 vezes. A mais respeitada associação de paisagismo do mundo escolheu, em 2014 e em 2017, jardins residenciais de sua autoria como os jardins mais bonitos do mundo.

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Terruá Arquitetura

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CRN Arquitetura

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Brilhante Filho

Brilhante Filho is an architect who graduated from Universidade Federal da Paraíba. Throughout his more than 15 years of work he has become a renowned professional in the area, and was responsible for great number of beautiful projects in North and Northeast Brazil.

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Roberto Ghione

Roberto Ghione holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, and specializes in Architecture History and Criticism, Heritage Preservation, and Urban Planning. He has been an Architectural Design Professor, and worked at the Department of Urban Development and as the Urban Planning Manager in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

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Vera Pires

Vera Pires is an architect who graduated from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (whose most well-known architects are Delfim Amorim and Acacio Gil Borsoi) and who improved her professional skills while working in Borsoi and Janet Costa’s architecture firm.

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Débora Aguiar

She is one of the most well-known interior designers in Brazil. Her interior design projects have a contemporary touch, characterized by the lightness of the materials she uses. Her work can be seen in residences, condominiums, interior design events and in specialized magazines.

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Patrícia Lago

She is an architect and landscape designer who graduated from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in 1994, and works with landscape design projects that combine modernity, environmental comfort and well-being.

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Cynthia Sordi

She holds a business administration bachelor’s degree from Universidade Federal da Paraíba and a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urbanism from Institutos Paraibanos de Educação - UNIPÊ. She designs multifamily, single-family and commercial buildings, and works with interior design. She is also a project manager at Galisa Arquitetura Ltda. and a Deputy Board Member at CAU - Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo (Architecture and Urbanism Council).

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Fábio Galisa

An architect and urbanist who graduated from Universidade Federal da Paraíba and co-owner of Galisa Arquitetura Ltda, an architecture firm. He has extensive experience in projects of multifamily buildings, as well as in projects for the areas of health, education, business, commercial, and other residential facilities. He is a member of the Conselho de Desenvolvimento Urbano (Urban Development Advisory Board) and a member of CAU - Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo (Architecture and Urbanism Council).

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Jonas Lourenço

He has been an architect for 14 years and is also a visual artist. His résumé includes major architecture projects that have a focus on the environment such as Jardim Botânico da Paraíba (the Botanical Garden of the state of Paraíba) and the landscape architecture project of Roger (which used to be a landfill). One of the main characteristics of his work is the use of alternative materials in his projects. In order to be able to do that, he does a lot of research to identify sustainable fabrics and materials. Currently, he presents the home makeover segment “Moda e Design” (“Fashion and Design”) in a TV program aired at TV Cabo Branco.

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Martha Lins

She has been working with interior design since the 90s. She is well known for the class and distinction of her work, and for her vast knowledge of the arts. According to her “it is essential to integrate and humanize spaces, taking comfort, convenience and beauty into consideration." In tune with new trends and technologies, she took part in many national interior design events such as Casa Cor Pernambuco and Artefacto.

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Ernani Henrique Júnior

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (1985) and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism (1989) and designs projects for the following areas: commercial, institutional, service and interiors. He works in partnership with Sílvia Muniz and Antônio Cláudio Massa.

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Débora Julinda

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, and has been working in the field for 27 years. She works with the architectural design of buildings (residential and commercial) and with interior design. While living in London, Debora took part in events and educational programs at AA - Architectural Association and at the RIBA - Royal Institute of British Architecture. She also attends most national and international events in the areas of architecture and interior design.

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Germano Romero

Germano Romero is an architect, who graduated from Universidade Federal da Paraíba, in 1981, and also holds a bachelor’s degree in music and in journalism. He is the author of several architectural projects including residential multifamily units, single-family units and horizontal property condominiums. His design work also includes public sector projects. Currently, he is the director of the firm Germano Romero Arquitetura, in collaboration with the architects Manuela Duarte and Rossana Luna Freire.

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Antônio Cláudio Massa

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade Federal da Paraíba, and is also a visual artist. He has been working for more than 20 years in residential, commercial, institutional, and interior design projects and partners with the architect Silvia Muniz.

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Carlos Ribeiro Dantas

Carlos Ribeiro Dantas makes use of the newest construction methods, always seeking to combine the professional experience and the modernity that the market demands. His architecture firm has been designing homes, buildings, flats, hotels, event spaces, shopping malls and various other projects for 24 years.

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Benedito Abbud

One of the biggest names in Brazilian landscape architecture, Benedito Abbud founded his architecture firm in 1981 and has since worked to create landscape architecture designs and plans according to his own identity. In 25 years of work, he developed approximately 3,500 projects for residential and commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, parks and other special projects.

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Sandra Moura

Sandra Moura holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade Federal da Paraíba, specializing in lighting design and metal structures. She has 20 years of experience in the market, has participated in various events and published several articles in national and international journals and books. She received an honorable mention award from Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil for the design of the restaurant Ippon.

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Fábio Queiroz

Fabio Queiroz holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade Federal da Paraíba, and a specialization degree in Lighting Design from Universidade Castelo Branco, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. He won many awards along his career, and today he is the president of the Union of Architects of the State of Paraíba.

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Paulo Macêdo

Paulo Macêdo was born in the state of Paraíba. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Urbanism at Universidade Federal da Paraíba in 1990. In the same year, he founded his architecture firm, and started developing architecture and interior design projects. He now has two partners at Paulo Macêdo Arquitetura Ltda: the architects João Pedro Mazzaro and Vladimir Luksy.

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